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There are lot of public used personal computers protected in some way against unwanted surfing, unwanted for who gives use of computer, that don't permit free navigation in Internet, and the reasons can be various. The most usual case is an office's or school's PC, that can access only certain sites, necessary for the job, or for studying, or that can't access some unwanted sites, for example, the sites for adult. Or if you stay for vacation, or worst, live in an illiberal country, I'll not mention any name, sometimes access to very normal sites are prohibited, or worst, complete domains are blocked.
The solution of all this problems are proxy servers that permit you to surf without any restriction, and more, save your anonymity.

To start surfing, simply put in the box lower down the web address of the site you want to access, and click with your mouse to the button Go. Our proxy server will call the page, or the file you need, and will redirect it to your browser. On the successive page that will appear, with desired site, in the top you will find the box where you can insert a new URL, to navigate another site, without going back to this main page. At the left of this box, you will find the link that, if you want, will take you back here (click on main page).

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I set-up this site at June 2008 as a joke. I tried to do something new, and I said to me "let try to do one proxy site". Well guys, after 3 months I arrived to 300 visitors/day, that I really didn't expect. Initially I had some problem with bandwidth with my server, so from time to time the site was stopped, but now I increased my bandwidth and I hope that there will not be more problem. However, sometimes the server is overloaded, and can happen that you must try again after few minutes. I'm sorry about, but I can't do anything about in this moment (I should change my hosting plane, and that will be too expensive for me).

June, 2014. I had some problem with my hosting services that didn’t want to accept renew of my subscription. To be honest, I didn’t understand the real reason of their refusal: my site is clear, I have been paying regularly over used of bandwidth, when I have exceeded the limit (has happened from time, to time)., I didn’t spam or cheat nobody. They have spoken about a change of their policy, that they don’t want to host proxy site, because... At the end of the story, I was tired of infinite e-mails and not conclusive telephone calls, and my final decision was to find a new service provider. So we, me and you, are on the new host and let's hope that everything will go at the best possible mode.

October, 2016. The world changes every day and I discover repeatedly that I remain back. I never had and I hope that I will never own a smartphone. But the others have it and they use it for surfing, more than their own desktop computers. So I finally decided to adapt my site for hi-tech navigation and now you can use it well from your mobile phone, too. At least I thought I did it right. Not having a smartphone, I did a quick check using my wife's and everything seemed fine. I later reported this to some friends. For months, no one spoke and then an email came from one of them. He showed me so many mistakes and I realized I hadn't done a good job. Therefore, I threw the old job and did it all over again. For three months, no one has told me what is wrong. We hope well.