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You can use proxy surfing in two very different modes: by setting your browser to use proxy server, instead a direct access to Internet sites, or using web based proxy surfing, where you insert desired web site address in one web page that is hosted on a proxy server. This site offers to you web based proxy surfing for free from 2008, without any adds and boring pop-ups.

To navigate via proxy with your browser, you must set the IP of a proxy server in the options for your Internet connection. Proxy servers that permit this kind of surfing are not very numerous, and usually are very busy while lot of people use proxy servers ( some statistics say that about 10 - 20% of all surfers use proxy) so, normally, the velocity of connection and downloading are rather slow. This kind of proxy servers often finish to work after few days due to very huge traffic. There are an ocean of so called cheating applications (somebody calls them hiting software), prevalently used by webmasters, that use this addresses to produce false hits for toplists sites, page views for counter or to examine positions in search engines. They need to change frequently IP to maintain their productivity and efficiency.

Using web based proxy, as this site, are another option. The surfing is less comfortable because the presence of some elements of proxy server on the screen (address box with its options) and you don't see the destination of the link you want to click, while all the links are modified by proxy, and bring to proxy site (indirect surfing). This sites are heavy trafficked, too, so the velocity isn't always good. Often, to pay the hosting, webmasters of web based proxy sites insert add-ons, and pop-up windows with publicity, and this is not pleasant for surfer. The advantage of this kind of surfing is that sites that permit web based proxy are more diffused then those that give direct proxy access. On the other side, if you work from school or from office, you have no possibility to insert proxy server due to absence of administrator's authorization and you are constrained to use this choice.