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The big brother controls you and your net surfing, so if you want to stay hidden and anonymous you must use web based proxy page. The web based proxy servers, as this one that you use, is perfect for the surfing the net, but some webmasters have other necessities, more complex, that need different settings and usability. If you have some automated software that pretend like some kind of click bot, frequently in fraudulent use, or you make massive research of content, you may need server address that your freeware can call directly. For the people that need this, here I collected few tens of IP address that you can refer. In the table bellow, the main data about each IP are given: the numeric address with the port entrance and the kind of anonymity guaranteed by server. I will try to update and integrate this list as often as possible, depending on my free time.

IP address and portAnonymity level and Country anonymous proxy anonymous server (Austria) (fast) proxy (fast) (Serbia) proxy (slow) proxy server proxy (Egypt) server (very fast) proxy (Serbia) proxy (USA) proxy (Italy) - Undefined type proxy anonymous proxy (Brazil) server anonymous (USA) proxy (United Arab Emirates) anonymous (fast) high reliable server proxy server

High anonymous server, called also elite proxy, is a perfect one while it hide the fact that is a proxy, and doesn’t transmit your IP to the final destination. A transparent proxy server instead identify itself as proxy and contain the original IP address, so it’s good only if you have non necessity to cover your identity, but you only need to unblock the sites behind firewall.

Free Public Proxies

Here bellow is an extensive list of free public proxies that I will try to update as often as possible. Look the date of the last update at the bottom of the page to see how fresh is the list. Even after a month, a good number of servers (about 20%) would be in function. I preferred standard ports like 80, 8000, 8080 and 3128, because I discovered that the servers with this ports are more reliable. However, some other ports are used, too, to increase the number of usable servers. There is no guarantee that all of these servers will run in the future.

Updated: January, 10, 2022