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The necessity to use a proxy server can be various. Let's see together some of them.

Blocked, inaccessible sites

On some public computer, those used in office, in school, in some Internet points, access to some sites can be restricted by some kind of firewall. The firewall is usually a software that secures a network, forbidding access to unauthorized users, and to unauthorized sites, too. Practically, if you want to access, from one of protected PC, the site, let's say, www.ero4free.com, the firewall can control the domain name that want to be achieved, and finding an unwanted, restricted word in the domain name. Let's hypothesize the word "ero" in this example, decides to not authorize the viewing of the desired page. In this cases the web based proxy is often a good solution that permit us to overcome the obstacle.

Unfortunately, web based proxies are frequently filtered, too, especially by big firms’ computer, and the enterprise to find some of them that are not blocked becomes very arduous. Having an own site with controlled server is a great help in this situation; you can install a dedicated proxy software, that can be found easily for free on the net, remove all the suspected words (for example, proxy) that can make understand to firewall that the called site are a proxy type, and it’s done. You have your own proxy based page, and that is not easy to be detected by your “enemy”. I never haven’t had problems surfing with this site.

Protecting own privacy

In the today’s globalized world there is a trend to have more possible information about the persons: where they go, what they buy, what entertainment they prefer. In this mode multinational companies in the first place (they have money to invest in this expensive projects) adapt their tactics for commercials and marketing, and they are often ready to pay a lot of money for this kind of information. The Internet providers have information about their clients movements, what kind of websites they visits, what content they are looking for, and much of them are ready to sell this information. With this global trend investigation, it’s always present risk that somebody, that has free access to this data, can used them at personal level. There are lot of people that are afraid about this fact, and that use proxy navigation to hide the own traces from indiscrete eyes, especially if they visit some inappropriate sites.

However, I would like to give you an advice: don’t use proxies for sensitive operation, like managing your bank account or to access your social network communications; it can be dangerous because the proxy owner can "steal" your data that passing via server that he control. However, if you must do this, choose a proxy server that work with security protocol. You will recognize it because in the address is present "https:" prefix, rather than "http:". So, I wish to everyone of you an anonymous and secure navigation; possibly the fast one, too.